All value chain from the concept, design, manufacturing, validation of COMPOSITE PRODUCTS transferring more than 20 year of experience and success in plastics Advanced Composite Materials, Efficient Transforming Processes and Customised Products.

Design, simulation and prototyping

We have the best tools and professionals to turn your idea into a feasible project. Quality is our brand identity.

Tooling and Moulding

We develop tooling and moulds for resins injection in all kinds of industries such as aerospace, automotive and others requiring high performance materials.

Parts manufacturing

At our facilities have different processes such as RTM, VARTM, RTM Light, VARI, Closed Cavity Bag Molding, Press, prepregs…

Validation, test & industrialization

We offer all kinds of services to our customers to ensure optimal quality of its parts and homologation. We have a mechanical laboratory certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) to perform tensile, compression, shear, interlaminar shear (ILSS) and bending trials.


Training of our staff and customers is one of our most serious commitments. The most qualified staff achieve better results.

R&D projects

Our managers and researchers look for the best opportunities for financing R&D and perform all type of innovations for our brand and customers.

Materiales compuestos en impresión 3D

Compositeas ha conseguido varios desarrollos de I+D notables utilizando la tecnología de impresión en 3D con fibras de carbono. Entre ellos, un brazo de suspensión realizado en fibra de carbono y poliamida, piezas para alas de aviones (TIP) o un enganche de unión entre vagones de tren. El camino recorrido indica que el potencial de esta tecnología es enorme y que su implantación en producciones a gran escala es cuestión de tiempo. Entre otros avances, hace innecesario el uso de moldes de impresión, permite crear diseños complejos que serían imposibles con los procesos de manufactura usuales y reduce el uso de material a lo estrictamente necesario. Esto abre la puerta a trabajos que puedan hacerse en pequeñas factorías, involucrando al cliente en el diseño y en todo el proceso, lo que resulta mucho más participativo.

About us

A Technology Centre and a company, the best alliance
Compositeas is an alliance between two experienced entities

Aitiip is the technological center of reference in Europe in the field of plastics processing, as it is the only one that is involved in the whole processing value chain, from material development to manufacturing of functional prototypes.

SISPRA is involved in the innovation and development of new technologies and their transfer to industrial areas (Construction, Transportation, Aerospace) in the field of composite and their processing.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Railways
  • Wind Power


We are profesionals working in the composite sector since more than 10 years
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Berta Gonzalvo

Business Development
+34 600 570 682
Research Director of Aitiip. Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Expert in design and manufacturing products and its moulds. More than 100 national and international R+D projects.
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Pascual Gracia

Project Manager
+34 651 538 226
PhD student. Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Expert in aeronautical tools manufacturing, and composite processing and autoclave curing. More than 10 years of experience in the sector.
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Antonio Miravete

Scientific coordinator

Research affiliate at Aero&Astro MIT, visiting scholar at Aero&Astro Stanford Univ, part time prof. at UNIZAR, author or co-author of 7 books, active on Composite Materials since 1981.

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If you have any doubt or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us.